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Call Us Today!
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Ace Foundry is a full-service state of the art aluminum foundry offering all of the following services:
  • Permanent Molding
  • Automatic Sand Casting
  • Large Air-Set Casting Capabilities
  • In-House Heat-Treating
  • Machine Shop Services and Assembly
  • Mold and Pattern Making
  • Powder Coating
  • Polishing and Other Surface Finishing
  • Special Packaging
Because of our diverse capabilities, we can look at your job from different angles to recommend the most cost efficient production method and best of all, there are no intermediary costs involved.

Advantages of Permanent Molding

Permanent Molds, made of cast iron are used for two major purposes. First, for products in continual production that must meet consistent tolerance requirements, and still have a competitive unit cost. Secondly, for short run products with critical tolerances.
Obviously, permanent mold tooling is more expensive than air-set tooling or conventional sand casting, but the advantages far outweigh negatives. In addition to maximum tolerance integrity, Permanent mold is faster, enables single or multiple cavity molding and produces castings that are easier to machine. Casting size is limited only to carrier capacity.

Advantages of Sand Casting

Sand Casting is cheaper to run than permanent mold. These patterns are less costly than permanent mold, but will wear out long before a cast iron permanent mold pattern will. We run a 16 x 20 flask size automatic sand molding machine. Automatic molding is more cost effective and has a faster turn around time than air-set or manual molding.

Advantages of Air-Set Sand Casting

Air-Set Sand Casting is the happy medium between Permanent Molding and conventional Sand Casting. Slightly more expensive than regular sand casting and less costly than Permanent Mold tooling, Air-Set molds are perfect for limited run castings, that have complex cavity or special quality requirements.

Heat Treating

Heat Treating is used to make castings harder, stronger and more machinable. Furnace heat is thermostatically controlled and monitored.

Quality Control

Continual inspections performed throughout the production sequence account for Ace’s reputation as a quality foundry. Every item produced at Ace is inspected first by the operator at the production station, then in our clean up department and if secondary services are required, by our machine shop and then a final inspection in our shipping department. Every effort is made to ship only castings that have passed our critical quality control inspections.

Equipment To Do Your Job

Ace Foundry has sufficient furnace capacity for large or small production items. We run only quality ingots of 319, 356, A356, 713, and 535 aluminum alloys. We never use scrap aluminum. 
Our secondary services, via our machine shop or selected outside sources, include permanent mold fabrication, pattern making, turning, milling, coating and polishing.

Central Location

Ace Foundry is located in the “Heart of the Midwest”, so shipping is never a problem.

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